About us

Catherine Carver

Little Grey Cells was founded by Dr Catherine Carver, who worked as a junior doctor before deciding that Evidence Nerd was her true calling. In previous incarnations she has gained a first class degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University, researched facts for the BBC's science programming and lived with a witch doctor in South Africa. She now works for the Wellcome Trust*.

Tom Carver

Tom Carver is a professional software developer responsible for the technical geekery which makes Little Grey Cells your educational playground. He has a first class Engineering degree from Cambridge University, Microsoft professional exams and a certificate for eating a “whale” from a fish and chip shop in Aberdeen. When he isn't reading about programming, writing about programming, or indeed actually programming, Tom moonlights as a kitten tamer. Here's a picture of his nemesis.

Loki (kitten), Tom's nemesis